Xenon Headlights VS LED Headlights

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Currently when you buy a car you have the possibility to choose it with xenon headlights or led headlights, but would you know which one to choose?

Before deciding on the new lighting system that we are going to install in our car we must take into account several factors:

Xenon headlights:

It takes more time in the market; therefore, all the errors are refined.

The replacement of original xenon lights is expensive if purchased at the official house but if you buy white label or ZesfOr it is very cheap. There are several references of bulbs: d2s , d3s, d4s, d1s  and d2r, and also each bulb can be purchased in different colors: 6000k for xenon white and 4300k for warm white (normally a car carries 4300k)

The xenon headlight is composed of a xenon switchboard + a xenon bulb (by lighthouse)

The duration of a xenon bulb is approximately 5 years. The switchboard should last a lifetime.

The bi-xenon system (xenon in short and long) is very successful because what it does is move the projector of the optics to raise the beam of light, so that it is instantaneous and does not cause the car to consume more Watts.

The xenon headlight bulb takes approximately 1-3 seconds to reach maximum power.

Only one xenon bulb is mounted per headlight.

For its use it is necessary automatic height regulator and headlight washer.

LED headlights:

It is a system that has been in the market for approximately 2 years, which is why it is relatively new and can cause problems in the future.

The LED light gives 100% of the lumens instantly, this means that from the second ‘0’ we will illuminate the whole road.

A led light system is composed of a bulb and a circuit that can go directly inside the bulb.

The replacement price of the LED bulb is still unknown but if a bulb of these should be replaced, the entire LED headlight should be replaced due to the impossibility of disassembling it.

The consumption of LED bulbs is lower and theoretically the duration is longer (although it depends a lot on the quality of the LED).

According to the manufacturers, the luminosity is even better than that of xenon

The color of the LED is completely white (about 5000k).

Normally, each LED headlight has several LED bulbs and long crossing so there is more risk of a failure.

For its use it is necessary automatic height regulator and no headlight washer is required.

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