The LED Lightning System In Cars

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The importance of having a good lighting system in a car and in general in any vehicle is essential. In today’s post we are going to talk about led lighting in cars. Are the LED headlights the best option for our vehicle?

Increasingly, halogen and xenon lighting are replaced to make way for the led. The price difference is quite large but in terms of the intensity and range of the light, LED lighting is much better than incandescent, halogen and xenon lights.

Another important fact to note is that LED lights have a lifespan of 10 thousand hours, triple that of halogen and xenon lights, which usually have a utility of 2 thousand to 4 thousand hours.

In addition to the LED headlights are low energy consumption, they are able to illuminate the road with great power and precision. In this type of headlights, the lighting is clean and clear.

One of its advantages is that it does not dazzle the other vehicles that are on the road and the night vision with LED lights is intense and uniform.

Another attribute that can be added to this type of headlights is the power of the long position, which reaches great distances and in an equal manner.

All this gives security and tranquility to the driver. Although the LED headlights can increase the price of a vehicle by a thousand euros more, we must think that they increase the visibility at night and with it the safety of the driver.


We must consider that the lighting system of a vehicle is essential for good driving, both night and day. The lighting of vehicles is taken into account as another factor for road safety.

In addition to the lights that allow us to drive at night, for several years many road safety campaigns have emphasized the importance of good daylight.

Many car manufacturers already incorporate a system of LED lights for daytime driving into their vehicles.

For electric cars the LED lighting system has some extra advantages. For example, if with a normal light system, the autonomy of an electric car oscillates between 3.5 and 7 liters of gasoline, adapting LED lights we increase the efficiency of electric motors since greater distances are achieved.

As we have already mentioned, the implementation of LED technology for vehicles generally has an impact on the duration of lighting and above all on low consumption.

In electric vehicles the use of LED headlights would have a very positive consequence since thanks to them the autonomy of the car could increase by 10 kilometers compared to the xenon or halogen headlights.

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