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We like the best visibility on the road, so our preferred option is Xenon headlights, because when it comes to the truth, it is the one with the greatest reach, regardless of what the manufacturers say.

The LED headlight opens a lot and to see after a sharp curve or visualize the accounts of the road is fine. This recommendation is for road, for city gives a little the same, but it is a matter of taste.

On the other hand, we bet on the xenon since many manufacturers are investigating the laser LED technology because they have realized that only the LED they are a bit short and need more.

This means that as soon as they have a led laser that can be homologous and work properly, they will replace it with the current led and this will be obsolete, so getting a replacement of it will be much more expensive and complicated.


What happens if our car does not have a xenon or LED system and we want to install one?

To install xenon or LED equipment in a car that does not carry it, it is best to install a Xenon kit. These are more adapted to all the electronics of the cars and do not give any kind of problem since their reliability is absolute, and depending on whether our car is CAN bus or we cannot install a type of xenon kit or another. We recommend you check our post about xenon lights.

In LED lighting there are 2 types of optics:

Primary. Where each chip is protected.

High school. It is responsible for molding the light according to the type of lens installed on the headlight. The lenses can be of 2 types: divergent, in this case the beam of light or convergent, which concentrates the beam of light. It is also necessary to consider as optical type the optical fiber that helps disperse light.

If we look for more lighting, we should look for optimal asymmetries that direct light to specific areas to avoid light losses. Most optical elements are made of optical grade or acrylic polycarbonate to maximize the transmission of light. Although there are other optical manufactured in polystyrene that have a lower optical performance and a greater deterioration, although they are cheaper to manufacture.

There are other parameters to take into account regarding LED headlights, such as:

FWHM (Full Width at Half Maximum) A value that shows the maximum optical performance of the device.

Value of 10%. Indicates the angle at which the intensity of the light decreases by 10% with respect to the maximum value. The closer the value of 10% of the FWHM is, the more focused light and less waste.

CD / LM (candelas per lumen) measures the efficiency of the luminaire. The value cd / lm has to be seen in combination with all the factors of the optician.

If we speak of LED headlights, these parameters are well optimized, but with them we can check the power of the headlight and are more energy efficient.

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