Advantages Of LED Headlights

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One of the main advantages of LED car headlights is its reliability.

The lamps used in vehicles have to withstand strong vibrations, a wide range of temperatures or humidity.

A normal one-pole P21W bulb usually lasts about 500 hours on average.

On the contrary, the LED’s have a lifetime of +20,000 hours, as much or more than the life of the car itself.

This increase in useful life has a direct impact on the cost. Although at first the disbursement will be higher, it will soon be amortized.

It is also worth mentioning its light inertia, that is, the time that passes from the LED lighting until it delivers 100% of its light capacity.

The LED’s offer an instantaneous delivery that allows to optimize the warning time.

Applied to a practical example, in a braking the LED brake light illuminates immediately, so that the vehicles that circulate behind can anticipate better.

On the other hand, there is its reduced energy consumption. Compared to xenon headlights, LEDs consume approximately one third less.

This, together with a more efficient light output and less energy loss in the form of heat, allows the LED’s to have a much longer service life (between 600 and 2,000 hours the xenon headlights and more than 20,000 hours the LED’s).

Despite their low consumption, LED’s can emit a large amount of light. There are LED headlights on the market that offer a color temperature of 5500 ºC, similar to daylight (5730 ºC).

In addition, projection lenses are used to allow a better distribution of the beam of light on the road.

Another possibility available to vehicles with LED headlights are the adaptive lights (AFS).

Depending on the traffic situation or the environment, the headlight adapts to the needs of the driver.

You can modify the intensity, adapt it to rain or fog conditions, put specific motorway lights, etc.

Betting on the LED is to bet on efficient lighting, which not only saves money, but also increases driving safety.

We hope that this article has been very useful, that you now know many more details about LED lights and that you can better inform your customers.

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